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At Lyreco we know that effective PPE is critical to ensure the protection of your workforce and to comply with everyday health & safety laws and regulations. Without effective personal protective equipment work in busy industrial environments just isn’t possible. So allow Lyreco to ensure that your workforce are fully protected from head to toe against most hazards across the workplace allowing them to get on with their jobs.

Our comprehensive range of PPE covers everything from industrial workwear to site safety through to hard hats, ear protection, eye protection, safety gloves, footwear protection and hi vis clothing to name just a few areas we deal with. Lyreco have a range of over 3,000 products available that have been carefully selected by our team of highly experienced and knowledgeable PPE specialists. Our team shares over a century of combined industry experience backed up by industry recognised certifications such as IOSH Health & Safety and BSIF certification, which means you know you’re in safe hands with Lyreco.

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Response times and the speed of initial treatments for severe blood loss wound injuries are critical to increase the chances of saving life and limb. UK ambulance services however, are only targeted on reaching a casualty within 8 minutes.

This leaves a significant gap in care for such serious injuries in the workplace which cannot be dealt with through the contents of your standard first aid kit available. Find out more about how Lyreco can support you with our improved first aid range.


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