Stock Availability Update

Product Availability

Here at Lyreco, we hold ourselves to impeccably high standards. We’re working hard in partnership with our suppliers to ensure you continue to receive the exceptional service and reliability that you’ve come to expect from your trusted workplace solutions provider.

Like many across the globe, we are currently experiencing some disruption in our supply chain. This is unfortunately having some impact on availability across a number of products, as well as causing delays to some deliveries.

We are working closely with our suppliers to resolve these issues as quickly and as efficiently as possible, with an aim to minimise the disruption to your business and the service we provide. Keeping your business running smoothly is our top priority.

We thank you for your continued patience and understanding during this time.


Everything you need to know


How do I know when a product is out of stock?

If you are placing your order via webshop, items with zero stock will be indicated as ‘sold out’ or ‘out of stock’.

If you are placing your order via your account manager or customer care team, you will be made aware of the availability issue at the point of placing the order.


What can I do if a product I need is out of stock?

If you are placing your order via webshop and the product you require is out of stock, you can select the option ‘notify me went back in stock’. Alternatively, we usually have a wide range of product alternatives you can choose from.

If you are placing your order via your account manager or customer care team, we can help you to choose a suitable alternative at your request.


When can I expect a delivery of a product that has become out of stock?

Should you choose to order a product that is currently out of stock, we will aim to send you an email notification to advise you of an expected delivery date. Please note that this applies to catalogue products only. Lyreco are unable to provide expected delivery on non-catalogue or direct delivery lines.

Please note that whilst our suppliers are experiencing disruption to their supply chain, an expected delivery date is not always known. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause.


Should I expect a delay to my delivery if all of my products are in stock?

No. Thanks to our fleet of 350 Lyreco vehicles nationwide, we are able to maintain normality in our own delivery service. Only product availability is affected.


I’ve tried to contact customer care, but it’s taking longer to get through.

Unfortunately, due to the disruption in product availability and the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic brings, our teams are experiencing a higher call volume than usual. Rest assured, your business is important to us and we will try to assist you as soon and as best as possible.

If you would prefer to contact Lyreco via email, please send your inquiry to and a member of our customer care team will endeavour to get back to you as soon as we can.

To enhance the service we provide to you, we are currently working through an intensive period of recruitment and training and hope to return to our usual standards of service shortly.



What is causing this global disruption to product availability?

Global manufacturing and shipping: The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a variety of changes in demand. Shortages of containers, limited port capacity and increased shipping prices have all directly impacted how and when we receive our goods from our suppliers.

Driver shortages: A shortage of HGV drivers across the UK and Europe means that even though a product is due to be delivered into our business, our suppliers cannot always guarantee that it will be delivered on time.

Impact of Brexit: Although many of the issues in exports have now been resolved, some legacy problems remain, making it difficult to establish a reliable importing process.


When will supply return to normal?

Although we hope this global supply issue will be resolved soon, we do not have an accurate estimation of when this resolution will occur.

Here at Lyreco, we are always looking for ways to adapt and evolve our business to ensure that you continue to receive the consistent level of service and reliability that we pride ourselves upon. We continue to look for innovations to secure a better tomorrow.