Tail Management

Make your tail-end spend work harder with optimised costs and simplified procurement…

Indirect spend in a lot of large organisations typically accounts for only 20% of business expenditure yet it can represent up to 80% of the supply chain. However, this spend is often low value transactions which are ad hoc and fragmented making it difficult not only to track spend but to allocate resource to managing these costs.

This is why effective tail management is essential to making your spend go further and making every penny count through cost control and improving bottom-line profits, this is where Lyreco can help by reducing your hard and soft costs.

Does this sound familiar?

  • Too many suppliers with small spend
  • Non-compliant suppliers
  • Workload capacity at maximum
  • Lack detailed expenditure visibility
  • Fragmented approach to small value spend

Allow Lyreco to help you with your tail management through a completely free of charge & non-obligation audit service, with no hidden charges.

The benefits of managing tail-end spend


Through effective tail-end management you will take control of your spend visibility, receiving one report in one format rather than dealing with a web of information from multiple sources. This allows you to enrich your supplier data and guide your tail-spend in line with your objectives.


A consolidated supply chain with Lyreco provides you with enhanced buying power. Through increased contract compliance, bulk-buying and less one-off purchases you will see a consistent spend that is fair and gives you the best deal for your tail-end spend.

Supplier Management

Having a reduced supply chain means it’s easier for you to manage and monitor contract performance. The whole process becomes more refined allowing you to effectively assess whether your receiving effective and efficient supply solutions. As well as easily managing placing orders and returns processes.

Contract Compliance

Our partnership approach provides you with an easy to follow blueprint to roll out across your organisation with a level of consistency, so everyone knows where they stand. This is key for managing multiple sites. We will work with you to increase end user buy in and compliance will increase as users will have access to a vast product range provided in line with online marketplace prices.

Lyreco will help you to make every penny count

At Lyreco we have a defined approach to supplier consolidation and tail management made up of a four phase approach.


Efficiency Review & Analysis

  • Understand level of stakeholder engagement
  • Outline current working practices
  • Identify Problem categories
  • Conduct purchasing volume & price analysis
  • Learn more about specific individual business requirements 


Marketing, Testing & Review of Current Account Setup

  • Carry out benchmarking exercise to identify potential savings
  • Identify equivalent or alternative products that can offer cost savings / superior quality
  • Outline potential areas of cost savings and work on a preferred logistic solution 


Efficiency Action Plan & Implementation

  • Develop and create an account management project plan
  • Work with key stakeholders to set up online ordering user accounts / integrate platforms
  • Deliver end user training
  • Provide regular updates and communication with stakeholders


Account Management & Continuous Improvement

  • Set up & schedule regular account management meetings
  • Continuous monitoring of cost savings achieved 
  • Deliver feedback on project with an ongoing review of account to identify areas which can be improved further

What can we provide for you?


Tech & Print

General Office


Hygiene & Cleaning

Personal Protective Equipment

At Lyreco we have a range of over 10,000 stocked products across 16 product categories all available for next day delivery when ordered before 5.30pm. For anything else we have our Extended Range team who will strive to procure the stock you need in the time frame you need it. 

This vast product range is what allows us to effectively support your tail management by allowing you to consolidate your orders which would usually be sourced from multiple suppliers into one simple delivery. 

One Delivery - One Invoice - One Supplier

There are major benefits that can be achieved through the effective management of tail-spend and we know that organisations can see the value. However, we know that it can be a difficult task to find the time and resources to do this on top of your own day-to-day job?

This is where Lyreco come in, we will conduct a full comprehensive free of charge audit, with no disruption and present the results back to you within 21 days.

Are you interested in finding out whether you could save money for your business through optimised tail management. Get in touch with a specialist Lyreco account manager today for a free no obligation discovery meeting.

We are your key partners in your day-to-day working life

At Lyreco we are just as passionate about the success of your business as we are our own.